Funeral Expenses

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 Funeral & Final Expenses        


Death has no age. Young. Old. It is more costly to die than to be born.

Final expense insurance typically comes in two varieties. Immediate full benefit policies, which pay the full face value upon your death, are generally available to people with no serious health concerns. 
Graded benefit policies provide limited benefits during the first few years and are available to people with serious health concerns.
These policies can provide the peace of mind of knowing that your survivors won’t struggle to pay for your funeral or be saddled with outstanding medical bills and other debts.
With the average cost of a funeral exceeding $10,000 and approaching $15,000, ​this typically represents the third largest expense in a person's lifetime.  Ranking just behind home and automobile ownership.
Social Security only pays a lump final expenses sum of $255 for those who qualify.
If you have ever experienced the passing of a loved one ​you know it can be an overwhelming chore to plan for a funeral ​while under pressure, as you will be needing to make countless decisions while in grief.
By planning ahead you can eliminate this pain and have piece of mind knowing your family will not be burdened with the high cost associated with a funeral, and the left behind costs for medical care, unpaid bills, etc. Die debt free!
Final expense policies are also known for their quick pay-outs.​ No need to wait 3-6 month.​​ Most pay the beneficiary within 24 hours of death.​
​​​For a few dollars a day, pay for your final expenses.
​Also, plan your Memorial Service. Have it your way! You do a great favor to your loved ones not leaving them guessing how you would like it.