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  Life insurance is not about death. It is about Life.

Insurance is love for life! Share Life!


 How can you address all of these obligations ?

Young Families

When you’re starting a family you face perhaps the most daunting financial pressures you’ll encounter at any stage of life. Expenses like a new home and young children weigh heavily, and you’re likely still early in your career, far from your peak earning potential. Meanwhile, there is health care coverage for the family, and saving for the future: college for the kids, a nest egg for you and your spouse.

Whole life

Whole life insurance provides a lifetime of protection. It can build cash values on a tax-deferred basis, which can be used to help fund expenses such as college funding, cover your burial or final expenses.
Learn more about  Whole Life Insurance. An insurance for the whole family - young to old.
Learn about Whole Life plans, paying dividends.

Funeral & Final Expenses
Death has no age. Young. Old. It is more costly to die than to be born. Insurance ensures the risk of cost.
Final Expenses policy covers the cost of burial and protects your family's savings and assets. It pays in days and not months. Funeral or Final or Burial Expenses for immediate coverage is smart.   
Plan Your Memorial Service. Have it All Your Way.  Stay in control even after you are gone. Plan your life to the end.


Either Your situation has changed or You want a change.
Are You Turning 65?   Do You have Diabetes or Heart Disease or COPD? Moving? Is Your Plan cancelling? Medicaid? Nursing Home? Or you just don't like the plan you have!
Individual & Group Health Plans

You want the facts, not opinions.
Nearly everybody is confused about their healthcare options - and rightly so. You can´t rely on politicians or media reports for a clear and unbiased explanation. 

We´d be happy to evaluate your current coverage and present you with side-by side options.


Supplemental Insurance Plans

Accident Insurance -  because life happens!
Benefits paid directly to you
Guaranteed issue options - No medical questions to answer to apply for coverage
No networks - Choose where you want to get care
Cash to help with unexpected costs due to accident. Cash for accidental injury medical costs that can help pay health insurance gaps, like a high deductible.
Critical Illness - because life happens!
Benefits paid as a lump-sum to cover costs with living when affected by serious illnesses  such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, renal failure, loss of vision, etc.